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Long John Hunter  with Sonny Guitar
Hey Mrs. Jones / Betty Lou  
Nor 082   

(Two early 60's Yucca label uptempo rompin' blues
ultra-rarities feature the string bustin' antics of Long John!)

Jennifer Lopez

I'm Real (Murder Remix Ft. Ja Rule)

Love Don't Cost A Thing

Los Del Rio
Macarena / Scatman- Scatman John
Rca 64415  

Louvin Brothers

A Man Likes Things Like That

Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow

Call Me

Dog Sled

Don't Believe You've Met

I Cried After You Left

I Love You Best Of All

I Wish It Had Been A Dream

I Wish You Knew

If You Love Me Stay Away

It Hurt Me More

Love Turned To Hate

Make Him A Soldier

My Baby Came Back

My Baby's Gone

My Curly Headed Baby


River Of Jordan

Ruby's Song

That Don't Mean That I Don't Love You

The First Time In My Life

The New Partner Waltz

The Stagger

There Is No Easy Way

Time Goes So Slow

When I Loved You

Where Will You Build

While You Were Cheating On Me

Charlie Louvin

After Awhile

Bottom Of The Fifth

Come And Get It Momma

Drive Me Out Of My Mind

Fancy Place To Cry

Funny Man

Harvest Time

He Keeps Crying Over You

Heart Of Clay

Here's A Toast To Mama

Hey Daddy

I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow

I Called A Place

I Don't Love You Anymore

I Don't Want It

I Forgot To Cry

I Just Don't Understand

I Just Want A Happy Life

I Want To See You (One More Time)


Is Home Sweet Home

Is I Love You That Easy To Say

It Almost Felt Like Love

Just In Time (To Watch Love Die)

Less And Less

Let's Put The World Back Together

Life Begins At Love

Little Reasons

Love Don't Care

Love Has To Die By Itself

My Book Of Memories

Off And On

On The Other Hand

Roses And The Rain

See The Big Man Cry

She Wants To Be Needed

She Will Get Lonesome

Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart  

Sittin' Bull

Still Loving You

Something To Think About

Something's Wrong

Store Up Love

Sweet Texas

Tears, Wine, And Flowers

The Only Way Out Is To Walk Over Me

The Proof Is In The Kissing

Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep

Tiny Wings

To Tell The Truth

Too Little & Too Late

Two Of A Kind

What Are Those Things 
(With Big Black Wings)

What Then

When I Was Your Man

Will You Visit Me On Sundays?

You Finally Said Something Good
(When You Said Goodbye)

You're My Wife, She's My Woman

Charlie LouviN  &  roy acuff

The Precious Jewel

Charlie LouviN  &  EMMYLOU HARRIS

Love Don't Care

Charlie LouviN  &  JIM & JESSIE

North Wind

Showboat Gamblin'

Charlie Louvin  &  Melba Montgomery

A Man Likes Things Like That

Baby, What's Wrong With Us

Baby, You've Got What It Takes

Did You Ever

Don't Believe Me

I'm Gonna Leave You

Let's Help Each Other To Forget

Something To Brag About

That Don't Mean That I Don't Love You


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