Northern Soul Music
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Northern Soul Music

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Shirley Bassey Kiss Me Honey Honey / That's My Girl-  Dee Clark Urs  131
Chris Clark Do I Love You / Do I Love You-  Frank Wilson Urs  113
Dee Clark That's My Girl / Kiss Me Honey Honey-  Shirley Bassey Urs  131
Judy Clay That's All / Somebody Stole My Thunder-  Georgie Fame Urs  072
Georgie Fame Somebody Stole My Thunder / That's All-  Judy Clay Urs  072
Howard Guyton I Watched You Slowly Slip Away / Let's Get It Over-  Bobby Hendricks Urs  012
Roy Hamilton Reach Out For Me / Island In The Sun Urs  066
Bobby Hendricks Let's Get It Over / I Watched You Slowly Slip Away-  Howard Guyton Urs  012
Vergil Henry You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet / Suspicion-  The Originals Urs  111
Brenda Holloway Think It Over, Reconsider / Midnight Johnny-  Lis Lands Urs  112
(a.k.a. Love Potion)
This Love (That I'm Giving You) / Long After Midnight Is All Over -  Jimmy Radcliffe Urs  022
Marie Knight Come Tomorrow / She'll Be Gone-  Betty O'Brian Urs  086
Lis Lands Midnight Johnny / Think It Over, Reconsider-  Brenda Holloway Urs  112
Gene McDaniels Walk With A Winner / It'll Never Be Over For Me-  Timi Yuro Urs  006
Garnet Mimms Looking For You / The Drifter-  Ray Pollard Urs  010
Johnny Nash Don't Take Your Love Away From Me / Moment Of Weakness Urs  097
Betty O'Brian She'll Be Gone / Come Tomorrow-  Marie Knight Urs  086
O'Jays I'll Never Forget You / A Day Or Two-  Garnett Saunders Urs  055
Originals Suspicion / You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet-  Vergil Henry Urs  111
Ray Pollard The Drifter / Looking For You-  Garnet Mimms Urs  010 
Jimmy Radcliffe Long After Midnight Is All Over / This Love (That I'm Giving You)-  The Joy-Tones  (a.k.a. Love Potion) Urs  022
Garnett Saunders A Day Or Two / I'll Never Forget You-  The O'Jays Urs  055
Joanie Sommers Don't Pity Me / Julie On My Mind-  Adam Wade Urs  052
Adam Wade Julie On My Mind / Don't Pity Me-  Joanie Sommers Urs  052
Frank Wilson Do I Love You / Do I Love You-  Chris Clark Urs  113
Timi Yuro It'll Never Be Over For Me / Walk With A Winner-  Gene McDaniels Urs  006

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