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                                              X-Rated  Adult Party Records





Benny Bell Shaving Cream / In Heaven There Is No Beer-  Clean Living Eric  6503
Bird & McDonald Father Of A Boy Named Sue / Burger Rap Hdm  201
August Campbell & The Spur of the Moment Band The I-95 "Asshole" Song / Lost Horizons Fb  12883
Clarence Carter Strokin' / Love Me With Feeling Ich  108
Clarence Carter Why Do I Stay Here And Take This Shit From You / It's A Man Down There Ich  89-164
Clean Living In Heaven There Is No Beer / Shaving Cream-  Benny Bell Eric  6503
Dirty Polka Band The Dirty Polka / The Dirty Polka (Instrumental)  Bw  001
Garry Lee & Showdown Rodeo Cowboy / Ethel Pump D  133
Garry Lee & Showdown The Rodeo Song / Cajun Boogie Jb  122
Sherwin Linton Santa Got A DWI / An Old Christmas Card B 3902
Filthy McNasty  (Also known as Johnny Rebel) The Garden Song / The Garden Song X-Rated
Red Peters  with Anthony 'Babe' Marino & his Orchestra Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me) / Blow Me (Instrumental) Sing Your Own Version! Hb 1000 
Johnny Rebel  (Also known as Filthy McNasty) The Garden Song / The Garden Song X-Rated
Chuck Roberson Lolly Pop Man / Lolly Pop Man
Bsr  001 
Rudolph & The Gang Here Comes Fatty Clause / Comink Zee Clauski Fattnik Yuletide
Connie Vannett    The Pussy Cat Song /
The Pussy Cat Song
Gil's Funny Records  69
Andre Williams  (Mr. Rhythm) Poor Mr. Santa (Naughty Version) / Poor Mr. Santa (Nice Version) Nor  069
Dicky Williams Come Back Pussy /
The Same Motel
Cmc  514

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